The Real Clash is an amazing, eclectic indie Hip-Hop band located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Seven versatile performance driven individuals. The band consists of lyricists Rashad Harrell aka Shadcore and Jay Wilson aka J. Ack, Eliana Blanchard aka Voxx (vocals), Dylan aka D-Mixx (drums), Jeffrey aka Wizzy Incognito (guitar), Isaac aka I-Sick (bass) and Jordan aka J-Walk (keyboards).

On December 21, 2020 they released their latest project Inadvertent Cohesion. It was mixed by Mike Major, mastered by Dave Greenberg for Sonopod Mastering and recorded by Greg Lecompte at Dark Matter Recording. This five song EP is an epic musical experience.

"Passport" kicks off the experience. Electrifying instrumentation combined with the vocals of Eliana Blanchard and lyrics delivered by J. Ack and Shadcore definitely influence the need to escape and see the world!

"Overdrive" and "Cufflinks" features the scratching talents of DJ Rahim. "Overdrive" is a phenomenal mix of rock and hip-hop and definitely is perfect for hyping an audience. "Cufflinks" has a jazz infused feel and Voxx's vocals are mind blowing.

"Love Is..." features Austin Vickrey on saxophone and Aja Lorraine provides background vocals. This beautiful jazz infused hip hop track is masterfully written with spot on lyrics, vocals and powerful music.

The final track "All Pro No Bono" also features Austin Vickrey on saxophone. The level changes are spectacular. It begins slow and smooth with Voxx's sultry vocals. It then transitions into pure hip-hop with J. Ack and Shadcore's delivery. The final climax is Voxx's sultry vocals transitioning to an incredible rock tempo and her vocals carrying the music to the end.

It is imperative that Inadvertent Cohesion is added into your music collection. The Real Clash is a force to be reckoned with. They are artists and I respect their creation.

by Samantha Leavell, Review Specialist/Creative Writer