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Two White guys, one inpersonator (your guess), run-of-the-mill rapper look-alikes, a singer and Popeye's Black cousin all walk into a bar. Don't be confused, this is T.R.C.

You know who it is when you hear those cymbals crash. 

Simmering since 2012 as the leftover ingredients of a local college experiment now lost, this modest menagerie of misfits has festered into one of Tampa Bay's indie Hip-Hop powerhouses.


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Keeping you up-to-date with the latest in T.R.C. shenanigans and industry hoopla.

Meet The Real Clash

Sometimes, seeing a local act perform without having any expectations beforehand pays off. On very rare occasions, you’re left reeling, struck by a sense of revelation — the feeling that you’re witnessing fresh uncharted talent that could blow up and out of the scene at any moment.

The Real Clash presents debut album Clash Wednesday

The Real Clash has been appearing in the pages of CL ever since nabbing a cover story back in November of 2013.  At the time, the hip hop ensemble spawned from St. Pete College’s MIRA program was in the midst of ramping up their presence in the local scene...

Ian Beckles taps Tampa Bay bands for multi-genre single, ‘F.L.A.V.O.R.’

Former Buccaneer and current Bay area radio personality Ian Beckles recently tapped TRC and its emcee, Shadcore, to help orchestrate an all-star lineup of Tampa Bay musicians that would create a song that speaks to the many different styles of music thriving locally.

St. Pete hip hop group T.R.C. (formerly The Real Clash) headed to Okeechobee Music Festival

TRC set lofty expectations for themselves in our 2017 Predictions Issue, and it looks like they're making their goals all happen in real life.

Two festivals, one night: Plan B in Ybor City / Don't Stop St. Petersburg

A group of undergrads in St. Pete College’s MIRA (Music Industry/Recording Arts) program — which is dedicated to developing “real world” skills for its student musicians — take an elective music course that eventually transforms them into a bonafide hip hop group.

The Real Clash: The newest, funkiest faces in Tampa Bay hip hop

It's a harmonious gathering of local music prodigies creating a groove-heavy yet still insightful listening experience.


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